Barrels of Fun St. Helena

The Community Movement spreading art and joy in St. Helena while raising money and awareness for local non-profits.


About Us

In 2020, amidst a pandemic the St. Helena Oddfellows, a local non-profit, organized a community movement to spread joy and art in St. Helena.  Vintners Craig and Kathryn Hall and HALL Wines donated over 200 wine barrels to the St. Helena community over the Easter holiday of 2020. Local families, businesses and artists alike decorated the wine barrels creatively and colorfully, displaying them in front of their home and businesses for all to enjoy. 

Residents and businesses made donations in exchange for wine barrels.  Over $5,000 was raised for the Napa Valley Community Foundation in 2020 through the Wine Barrel Program, which provided emergency financial relief and support to Napa County fire victims.

This movement inspired the St. Helena Holiday Wine Barrel tour with the local Chamber of Commerce.  Businesses joined the fun, and the Holiday Wine Barrel Tour brought visitors into town to check out the local movement.

Barrels of Fun St. Helena will become an annual tradition through numerous seasons in St. Helena.  An activity for residents and businesses to show off their creativity and connect with neighbors.  All while providing a great showcase of Small Town Culture to our wonderful visitors.


How to Join the Fun

There is NO fee to participate in Barrels of Fun.  If you already have a wine barrel to decorate, then you'll just want to fill out the participation form so we know you are joining the fun.


How to get a barrel if you don't have one

You can request a sponsored barrel for free, you can get a barrel through a donation, and you can sponsor a barrel for someone else through a charitable donation.  Scroll down! Barrels can be picked up (preferred) or delivered within St. Helena City limits.  There is a $5 delivery fee which will be added to the donation pool.

All donations through the 2021 Barrel of Fun Events will support the St. Helena Chamber of Commerce marketing efforts.  These marketing dollars will be earmarked to support St. Helena businesses economic recovery.

View all the barrels & Cast your vote for the 2021 St Helena Egg Hunt Barrel of the year!


Request a Barrel by Donation


Request a barrel in exchange for a donation to support our local businesses through St. Helena Chamber of Commerce marketing efforts.

We are suggesting donations of $20 per barrel or $25 per barrel + delivery.

Sponsor a Barrel for Someone Else

We want participation to be possible for everyone, donation or not.  Families can request a sponsored "free" barrel.  

By sponsoring barrels you are helping other families have the oportunity to participate while supporting our local businesses through Chamber of Commerce marketing efforts.

Request a Sponsored Barrel

Donations are not required to participate!

  Click the request button below to request a free wine barrel for your family. 


Thanks to Menegon Catering, wine barrels can also be requested and picked up at Steve's Hardware.  

Our Partners

Barrels of Fun is a not-for-profit community movement organized by multiple volunteers and agencies.  The movement would not be possible without all of the individuals and groups below.

Wine Barrel Sponsors

Craig & Kathryn Hall of Hall Wines



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