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“We finally got out of the house on Easter Sunday for a sense of normalcy and went hunting for Easter eggs,” said Brandon Benelli. “My daughter was thrilled! It was great seeing families driving around doing the same thing; dads behind the wheel, wives riding shot gun and kids in the back taking pics of all the barrels. We found 93 eggs.”

Admire the Merry Barrels of St. Helena

NBC Los Angeles

December 25, 2020

"How do you add cheer to the end of the year in an open-air, stroll-by, feel-the-festive-spirit way?

By creating a free-to-see series of pop-up artworks that have plenty of local cred.

St. Helena did just that as December 2020 approached"

"With so many events canceled throughout the Napa Valley, Montelli said he was “trying to get something uplifting going for the community.” Montelli’s best friend and fellow Odd Fellow Matt Mumford, who works for Hall, said the winery was looking to donate some barrels."

“He had the idea that we could get a few people to paint them like Easter eggs,” Montelli said. “And then kids could ride around on bikes or parents could drive their families around and go Easter egg hunting at a social distance.”